So we angry with Jamie Oliver!! #Jollofgate , What Next ?

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#Jollofgate Happened!!!

 For those who don’t know about #Jollofgate, long story short Jamie Oliver a celebrity chef  in the UK, decided  to make ‘his own  brand of Jollof and ended up with something with Coriander, Parsley  *shivers*

For context read about Jollof Rice on Wikipedia

As you can imagine there is a lot or outrage from the West African community on the continent and in the diaspora, as Jollof is probably the one dish we all share in common. As blogger MotleyMusings put it in her blog  .. “It isn’t just rice, you blasphemer; it is JOLLOF rice!”

With all the hoopla and outrage from my kinsmen, I have been asking why brands have not capitalized on   #Jollofgate to help promote their brands and give Jollof international recognition.

Luckily I have a some thoughts and I would like to share (Well you see.. I run a tech company and part of what we do is helping clients with social media strategy)

First of all let’s understand the level of outrage!!  (I like to look at numbers first)

As at Friday 31st October a 5pm GMT, there has been 533 posts, 383 users, 2,852,909 reach and 3,701,156 impressions

Top Tweets

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Location of tweets


It’s quite interesting that a large proportion of the tweets come from the US (Diaspora) and Nigeria and surprisingly a small number from the UK, where the sin was committed. 


Top Influencers



And of course the best Memes



The Opportunity

As I said before I have some ideas…


Unilever’s , Maggi Cube for instance, the  staple  spice for  #JollofRice, should be creating  memes showing  that  they are the  authentic and essential spice for creating #Jollofrice

I created a few examples below




Actually how about an online challenge for people to send in their step by step videos of their special Jollof rice recipes using the product as an ingredient. Make it battle across countries Ghana vs. Nigera vs. Senegal vs. Gambia #JollofRiceChallenge perhaps. Ghana and Nigeria need very little prodding to start online wars.


All other brands which provide ingredients for making the authentic Jollof rice need to be putting out memes, tweets and Facebook post and imagery to show and position and promote the brand.

Remember because the tweets are coming from Africa itself and the Diaspora, the messages need to be tailored accordingly.



Restaurant that makes authentic West African food should be shouting on YouTube and Facebook talking about how they make the best Jollof rice this side of the planet, infact I would like to see CNN and BBC interviews.

Restaurant ‘Jollof Rice’ social medial strategy should be targeted at the rest of the world, i.e. people who have never tasted authentic West African cuisine and must draw them in to an authentic experience

How about half price coupons on the internet for the authentic Jollof rice experience?


Foodie Experts

African culinary experts, I would love to see blog articles on the history of Jollof rice and again step by step walk through on Jollof rice preparation and highlighting other West Africa cuisines.

They ought to be creating YouTube videos of cooking and making the authentic Jollof rice as made across the different countries in West Africa.



Ministry of Tourism in the various Jollof owning countries and Holiday Package developers s across Africa define  should be designing foodie tourism packages around the different  authentic west African cuisines.

We have done well with our outrage, now how do we translate that outrage into sales.




















For  those who i understand i leave you with this 










Dear Brands/Tourism Ministries/Restaurants you are welcome!

 Ethel Cofie