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AI for Africa: The What’s, How’s and When’s

AI is projected to add a staggering $2.9 trillion to Africa’s economy by 2030, increasing the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth by three percent. Despite Africa’s immense potential, it currently represents only 2.5% of the global AI market, underscoring the need for increased investment and development in this field.

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Reevaluating the European Union’s Influence on Africa’s Tech Policy Landscape

The European Union is significantly influencing Africa’s digital transformation through funding, training, and regulatory support. While beneficial, concerns arise about policy suitability for Africa’s unique context. EU initiatives in infrastructure, skills, and cybersecurity are highlighted, alongside recommendations for Africa to adopt more flexible, locally adapted tech policies and learn from global best practices.

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#Selfie with US Ambassador

Why 100K of My Followers Lied……

A recent social media poll showed 80% of respondents preferred earning $1 million while their friends earned $2 million, implying a focus on absolute income. However, research by Solnick and Hemenway (1998) reveals people value relative income more, preferring to earn less if it means they earn more than their peers. This has implications for workplace satisfaction, social media influencer dynamics, and housing market choices. Understanding relative income’s influence can help improve job satisfaction, societal well-being, and create fairer economic policies.

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The Sachetization of Products:The FMCG Way of Serving the Underserved in Emerging Markets , Lessons for Digital Products?

The concept of “sachetization” refers to packaging products in small, affordable quantities to improve access for low-income consumers, particularly in emerging markets. Beyond consumer goods, this strategy can apply to digital products, promoting frugal innovation, digital inclusion, community empowerment, and resilience by making services accessible to marginalized communities.

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Arrange your 1 on Advisory Conversation with Ethel Cofie

I’m setting up 45-minute sessions, available once a week, in response to recent requests. Book your session, receive an automated email with a payment link, and secure your spot upon payment confirmation. This ensures committed participants. Topics include career transitions, leadership, personal branding, board seats, and most non-tech professional topics.

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