Let Youtube guide your Entrepreneurship Journey

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I have a wonderful habit of listening to at least one Youtube video per day on entrepreneurship .

As an entrepreneur I need to keep learning and motivating myself

There are numerous videos on topics that entrepreneurs and startups need to grow and become sustainable on YouTube .There are however a few that stand out and I wanted to share my favourites

Part 1 of these series of Youtube Video will concentrate on searching and finding  a problem worth solving as entrepreneur  and validating this your solution to that problem is something  customers are willing to pay for .

Lets start from the very beginning: Have you got what it takes?

Video Number 1

You’ve got the idea, but have you got what it takes? This session explores what you can expect when starting and building your own company. Who else do you need to complement you? Is your vision an idea, a feature, a product or a company? You’ll be able to evaluate whether you’ve got something that’s real enough to invest your life in and whether your experience, knowledge and skills uniquely qualifies you to pursue this opportunity.

 This video is from the Havard’s ilab startup series


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Video Number 2 : On the Topic of Finding a Problem worth solving 

Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom believes building solutions for most problems is the easy part; the hard part is finding the right problem to solve. Here he opens up about how he and fellow Co-Founder Mike Krieger identified the problems they wanted to solve around sharing photos through mobile devices. He also reminds entrepreneurs to embrace simple solutions



Video 3 : More on finding a problem worth solving 

Co-Founder Drew Houston tells the origin story of Dropbox, his cloud-based online file storage company. Houston admits going after an idea in what was a crowded space, but explains the personal pain points that drove him to create the first version of his product.



Once you think you have a problem, what are the techniques you can employ to ensure that this is a problem worth solving and Is the problem is painful enough for people to pay you to solve it ?

Video 4

Trever of Lean startup  talks about using lean startup to help  validate your entrepreneurial problem 


Video 5

More on Customer discovery and problem worth solving:

Customer feedback simply cannot be outsourced, according to serial entrepreneur Steve Blank. Here he shares an anecdote demonstrating the importance of founders speaking directly to customers. Blank recalls how entrepreneur Alan Michaels was forced to listen to customer needs and altered his product accordingly. These changes turned single-digit sales into the thousands, and resulted in an eventual $400 million company sale 

Video 6

Now you have a Solution to people will pay for , how do you structure your business model to maximize profit 



Bonus Video and my personal Favorite 


Look out for Part 2