Mobile Payments Advise for Small Business Mobile Payments

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I Found this interesting infographic on Mobile Payment Hacks for Small businesses

Tips on Choosing a Mobile Payment System
Outline your business specific goals
Investigate each offer thoroughly
Stay Ahead of the Competition (Do not be afraid to be the First to Implement)

Type of Mobile Payments Payment Acceptance
QR Codes ( Personalized Codes to accept mobile transaction and promote loyalty campaigns)
NFC – Utilize short Rage technology to enable contact-less payments
Mobile Consumer App( In app transfer money from consumer to Merchant- Mobile Money,PesaPal)

Maximize Return on Investment
Consistent Recognizable branding is important
use Mobile Offers to track engagement and build consumer base
use Mobile engagement to push non mobile offering
Add new offering to customers ordering through mobile app

Mobile payment hacks for businesses infographic Mobile Payment Hacks for Business1

Moblized – Welcome to the Mobile Payment Revolution

Ethel Cofie