Awesome Women and Men in Technology i have met in 2013

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Awesome Women and Men in Technology i have met in 2013


Enyonam Kumahor

I met or rather interrupted her lunch at the Holiday Inn by going up to her and saying “Hi are you Enyonam” and then stopping for 5 min chat.

As you can tell ,I have got a bit of a girl crash on her , i mean just look at her career …

She is Managing Director for Thoughtworks in Africa( a global IT consulting firm with clients like Siemens,NHS,Rackspace,Nokia,The Guardian Newspaper).

Before that she worked at Ernst and Young where she led the IT and Program Advisory Services practices in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia, expanding their practice into a multi-million dollar practice providing program advisory, IT audit, IT risk management, IT transformation and outsourcing advisory services to clients spanning multiple industries including telecommunications, financial services, as well as government and public sector.



Regina Agyare 

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Regina Agyare

I have followed Regina from a distance , She  personifies  Sheryl Sandberg’s (Chief Operating Officer at Facebook)  lean in 

She contacted me on twitter  and asked that we meet up for the first time over lunch. ironically it was after the lunch that we met and interrupted Enyonam’s lunch.

Her story is quite interesting, after being passed over repeatedly for promotions at a prestigious bank she worked at  .

She confronted her boss and was told ,it was not a good idea that she be promoted over the men she worked with . *pause* Anyways long story short she left and now owns soronko solutions , is an Aspen fellow and was featured in the huffingtonpost


Edem Kumodzi

I met  Edem for the first time at the 2013 Start Up weekend . He is, I believe the first Thought works employee in Ghana .

He is also Co-founder /Product Developer for Quick Bets Ghana– A site to place a bets on a variety of things e.g reality TV show,football etc .

This not your typical betting site as you don’t have to spend money to win.

You get credit once you sign up and then  the brands that commission the betting program will gift you prizes once you win e.g you bet on who wins Vodafone Icons  and win , you get the credits and trade them for car.On  his Googe+ page he says he won a google hackathon.



Chillax Team 

I met these guys when i coached and judged the StartUp weekend,where they won.

I talk about how dedicated they are in my blog post of that weekend.

They invited me to be on their board of advisers  and i must say, they are really dedicated and working hard to launch on the 14th of February 2014

Chillax is a smartphone app that studies user behaviors and recommends  tailor made hangout recommendation by matching your personal preferences to places in your current location.

The product will be expanded to Lagos and Nairobi after a successful launch in Accra.



Mpower Payments

MPowerI have not really met these guys , but i love the work they are doing so…

In West Africa where Paypal refuses to extend it services to , it is welcoming to have a payment platform which is simple, easy to use  and includes the mobile money payment platforms as well as your traditional payment sources like VISA.

I could wax lyrical about Mpower but Macjordan says it better .

MPower is a new payment service that works with your preferred digital wallet or bank account to offer a convenient, safer and overall better payment experience. It is a complete end-to-end online and mobile payment transactions solution to enable consumers and businesses send, spend and receive payments.



special mention

special mention to another team i have not met , but love their work  , i first saw them on twitter @thelunchboxgh and facebook 

There are a lot of brands on twitter and Facebook trying to get attention but i love the way they are going about it .

They are engaging and those pictures of really really good looking food does not hurt either




See Below

the lunch box/food