Questions I have grown to hate……

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Questions I have grown to hate……

  1. Why do we need women in tech?
  2. Why do we need women in C level positions in fortune 500 companies?
  3. Why do we need more women entrepreneurs in emerging markets…?
  4. Why do we need women….?

You have to live under a rock not to understand why we need women…These question have kept us from advancing the conversation, to how’s and lessons learnt in creating spaces for women to grow . We should be past the basic questions of why!



These questions keep us on the offensive and always explaining why we need a seat at the table, instead of questions on how and strategies to create a place for ourselves at the table.

The Next Time you Moderate a Panel or Interview a Woman doing Amazing things, Don’t Ask Her to Explain Why More of Her Kind is Needed. You Already Know Why!