This Week in Africa Tech Ep 3 | Chinese Surveillance, Cannabis Incubators and Block Chain ..

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I created “This Week in African tech”,as a witty, irreverent look at the industry, if this is something that works for you enjoy the update:



Funding News

Here is a snippet on who  is raising money, who is doing well and who is doing badly….

Name : Colnn

Description Cairo-based edtech startup,  a school management as a service platform

Amount $100K USD seed round by EdVentures, the venture capital (VC) arm of Egypt’s Nahdet Misr Publishing Group.

Name SOS Credit a Morocan based fintech startup ,an online platform offers free mortgage brokerage services for those looking for mortgage-related financial products in Morocco.

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Description, has received an undisclosed investment from the SEAF Morocco Growth Fund (SMGF).

and Lastly The Gambia Angel Investors Network (GAIN) aims to provide ticket sizes of between US$20,000 to US$300,000


More News 


 .. I have just discovered Africa’s first Canabis Incubator called : Africanian  The market for cannabis is estimated at approximately $700 billion globally  and South Africa , so I wonder if it will happen in a couple of year

Here is the video where i go indepth 



Talking about Block chain…..

 Sierra Leone has become the first African country to launch a blockchain national digital identification platform  and Kenya and Kenya’s Distributed Ledgers Technology and Artificial Intelligence has called for the country’s government to invest in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure and skills


The Huawei Factor 

Uganda’s Police Force has confirmed that it is working with China’s Huawei Technologies to install CCTV cameras equipped with facial recognition capabilities in some of the country’s cities. The police have stated that the Artificial Intelligence powered CCTV cameras will help curb violent crime.

Cameroon has opened a command center to monitor the Huawei Technologies surveillance cameras it has installed in Yaounde. Currently, Cameroon’s police force reports that there are 2,000 surveillance installed in the country with 7,000 more to be installed in the near future.

The surveillance command center and cameras are a partnership between Cameroonian telecommunications company  Camtel and China’s Huawei, which is the technical partner.