I think I have found the formulae

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I think I have found the formulae to my roller coaster journey as an entrepreneur and an all round doer.
First I have a thought on a project ,or a different way of doing things that quadruple fold catapults me out of my comfort zone.

1.I convince myself i can do this (after all i have stretched myself out of my comfort zone multiple times before, this will be easy !).
2. I make a plan.
3.Start to implement, surprise surprise plans don’t go as *planned*
4. I am stressed, my blood pressure is high, i wish i hadn’t decided to do this . and I dream of giving up
5.Some how it all comes together , because darn it , i will win, we are successful but my blood pressure in on another level
6. Relax for a while , then another thought starts to bloom  and  back to step 1

This is the story of BarCamp Africa UK, Women in Tech Africa and EDEL Technology Consulting

i think part of me actually enjoys this , a bit sadistic if u ask me