Ethel’s Creative Mill

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Trust that little voice in your head that says “Wouldn’t it be interesting if…” ~ Duane Michals

I always have ideas floating around head and most of them i forget and others  i realise i  might never get the chance and time to do any of these so please feel free to take and ran with any of these ideas as you will….

A Female mentoring portal – A portal of females categorized according to career sectors or any additional

catogories to help match mentors and mentees(borne out my realising that i have never had a female mentor )

An ideas exchange portal or group where creative ideas are presented and interested parties can pick and work on

ideas(preference for a group though)

A tool that allows me to aggregate my calender from my phone and various calender into one place

will add to this list and when i remember the rest untill next time :)