A tweet ,A retweet and a couple emails later its BarCampAfrica UK 2009

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After BarCamp Africa in the US and BarCamp Diaspora also in US.

I think there was a sense from those of us on this side of the pond that we also need a BarCamp Africa in the UK .

Of course there will never  be enough events that will bring together a group of talented entrepreneurs, technologist, charities, engineers, designers, bloggers, artists, with a passion for African development.

So a tweet , a retweet ,a couple of emails back and forth and an organizers meeting later we are on course for an inspiring and action oriented BarCampAfrica UK on the 7th of November 2009 .

Ps.  The Next Organisers meeting is in secondlife ooo! check us out we are making use of all technological avenues open to us . :)

Find out more about BarCampAfrica UK and register on http://barcampafrica.com/uk

Untill the Next Post see you later