Ebook : In search of the Gazelle,Thoughts on Tech and Business in Africa

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  • Create Date June 14, 2021

This book is a series of essays that showcase the lessons I have garnered
in my almost 15 years in the tech industry in Africa, as a woman leader in
technology entrepreneurship.
The truth is my career in technology and the heights I have now reached
would not have been possible with my knowledge in tech alone. As I later
share, my first attempt at setting up EDEL Technology failed woefully because
I had not yet grasped the fundamentals I needed to run a business.
Over the years, I have explored the particular nuances that come with
navigating the tech business as a leader . This book is the natural culmination
of my thoughts, essays and blog articles, since 2008.
The first section of this book is solely about technology entrepreneurship and
comprises my essays on my personal growth from a developer to entrepreneur,
as well as various topics in the Ghanaian and African tech industry, like
the future of the tech business and specific areas like the booming Mobile
Money sector.
The second part of this book looks at the intersections between TECHNOLOGY,
BUSINESS AND THE LAW. It is slightly similar to the section on technology
entrepreneurship but differs in that it looks at the regulatory framework
for carrying out tech business in Ghana and Africa.
It is my hope that all of you, my readers, whether tech people, people
interested in entrepreneurship, or simply curious readers, find it eye opening
and stimulating.