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Program for simulation of mutual exclusion with the use of semaphores

This java program simulates the use mutual exclusion using semaphores. The program involves four processes named process 1,2,3,4 who are competing for critical sections A,B,C,D,E,F,G. with a semaphore A for critical section A,sem Z for B,semC for B,sem D for section E, ,sem F for section F and lastly sem G for section G .

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Distributed computing paradigms: traditional client server or mobile agents.

This paper introduces a short history of distributed systems, delving into its Goals and objectives with example of different types of distributed system.
The two most used design paradigms the traditional client server paradigm and the newer agent based paradigm are discussed in detail stating the how they work technically.
Finally this paper’s comparism includes the relative advantages of both paradigms with research on a practical experimentation of both paradigms using a Java based client server and agent based systems to determine which a better paradigm was.

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