Podcast: ‘Africa should not copy and paste Silicon Valley’ on FT.com

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orginally published on FT.com

Podcast: ‘Africa should not copy and paste Silicon Valley’

Ghanaian tech entrepreneur Ethel Cofie on the advantages of simple and cheap innovation
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Starting a tech business in Ghana was not easy, says Ethel Cofie, founder of Edel Technology Consulting. “I had a number of strikes against me. One being a woman, two being a woman in the technology sector and three being a relatively young women in this area,” she laughs.

Ethel found ways to cope, however, including hiring older, male colleagues to give her business gravitas, doing a lot of work free of charge in the early days to show what she could do and building her own business network — Women in Tech Africa, a female forum that now spans 30 countries across the continent.