Dear Event Planner, We Hate You. Sincerely, Your Speakers.

This is Hilarious …someone sent me this , and as someone who has to travel to speak quite i lot ,  i can confirm this..


Dear Event Planner, We Hate You. Sincerely, Your Speakers.

‘Let Me Check The Slides’

Oh c’mon seriously? If you need to check the content that the speaker you carefully selected will talk about, it can only mean two things.

‘I Can’t Pay You’

I am not even talking about professional speakers here, because you will inevitably get a no from them without a budget.

But if you plan to make money on other people’s free work, this is not a good practice.

Don’t try to sell me the ‘you’ll get exposure’ thing.

‘I Will Pay for Travel and Accommodation’

A sound speaker will often times say no to this kind of offer. Unless your event is really high profile or there is a tangible business networking opportunity involved.

Once again you are asking this person to dedicate a lot of prep time to perform for free, this cannot lead to a good performance.

The Audience Is Great’

Innumerable times I’ve asked the organisers for details about the audience. I am just upset about the lack of collaboration I’ve received.

This is consistently the one item where most planners fail.

Dear Event Planners Please Take Note  


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