Tools I Find Useful : Innovating in automating your content subscriber base

I have always had a marketing strategy especially across my brands EDEL Technology Consulting and This Blog   to provide useful relevant information to my target base in the form of blog post and white papers . 

Over time both amasssed, a good base of subscribers  who preferred our content and that meant we had to become fairly consistent in providing  that content .

It became apparent that in order to become efficient at sending content and managing subscribers, a large portion of tasks would need to be outsourced .

Even thought we had a CRM(Customer Relationship Management System , i needed a tool to provide me these solutions :

-Enable automatic sending of new content to subscribers via email , where i could schedule  times and intervals .

-Enable us to create a  a series of email campaigns that we could send to subscribers based on how they interacted with our content . example flag a subscriber as a potential client , if they consistently download the  white paper ( i.e twice a week)

-We should be able to setup all the processes and not have to think about it 

i found a really good tool to do what i needed , i talk and demonstrate it in the video below .