Lessons for 2018 : Be Unreasonable

Let’s talk, when I say to people be unreasonable, it’s only because I have suffered learning this lesson”


So most of you know have a global speaking career:

Lesson 1. I was invited to speak at the event, when I sent them my rate , the head of events pleaded with me and explained they don’t pay speakers etc. etc.

Normally I would say thank you and not attend however I calculated the event itself made sense based on the type of attendees. I get there and realize, there were speakers I was sitting a panel with that DID! get paid. { Never Again}


Lesson 2. I was invited to speak at an event, my fees were paid but they were adamant that they did not buy business class tickets for speakers since it was only a  4 hour flight[ I reasoned a 4 hour flight is not too bad , so I decided to not be  difficult] .

Guess what at the end of the conference, heading back, a few fellow speakers head over to check in at [u guess it] first class lounge.


Lesson 3. This year I was invited to the AU summit, I said to the team I doubt I can get a visa in 1 week, the right phone calls were made and I got my visa in 2.5 hours


Be Unreasonable, Leave Nothing on the Table, and Don’t Be Afraid of seeming Difficult


 Being Reasonable is overrated