Roadshow to 2018 :Screw Passion

There is a lot of material out there that says , just follow your passion…

There are some that are fortunate to have found their passion from age 3 ,They always knew they would be doing for the rest of their lives.

However that does not apply to a large number of us : 21 , 30  and still people are unsure of the paths they should take often leading to decision paralysis….


Here is my answer 

Screw passion 

Stop waiting for some thunderbolt of passion to hit you on the head.

What you really need is curiosity and vague interest in a subject, topic or way of being.


Create, build or just go and find someone in that field and ask  questions or  observe their work. I am biased towards learning and doing as way if figuring out what makes us happy!


-The world has made is easy to find information (Google, YouTube, social media)

-It is easy to find a community of people to join that are enthusiasts of any topic [hello lovers of the supernatural series holla :)]

-It is easy to create and innovate online:

  • Before I every built a mobile money based app, I spent years reading curating and simplifying mobile money data , my blog became the most ready mobile money platform in my country .The influence from the helped my land my first few mobile money consulting gigs


Once you start doing, or walking toward the things you are vaguely interested in, you will

-Find out what really resonates or does not resonate and move you closer to your passion.

-You will learn a new skill

-You become a creator not only a consumer