How to Manufacture a Speaking Career with a Tedx Talk

I have being looking at and researching the most effective paths to creating  to effectively manufacturing a career . Around effective speaking and consulting careers , i have noticed a pattern :

This has being the path of many amazing speakers like Simon Sinek, Brenee Brown, etc

Step 1 

Write a book or create a body of work in your area of strength (a blog, opinion pieces, research material etc.) .No seriously have a body of work!

Step 2

Build a central theme around your body of work and create a couple of talks around it.

Step 3

Apply to speak at a relevant TED, or Tedx talk (remember not all Tedx events are created equal), I suggest you do a few of these. (The 20 most-watched TEDx talks so far) , 1 in the list I also recommend is Tedx Euston – it brings together an amazing set of speakers. I recommend TED or a Tedx talk , because of the share number of people that watch these talks online 

Step 4 

Be Intentional about creating a talk that appeals to audience outside your country, be deliberate about lessons. (How to make your TED talk go viral) or (The 5 Most Popular TED Talks of All Time)

Step 5 

Also be deliberate about sharing and creating virality around the talk, folks we are looking shooting 1m views (The 3 part formula to a viral TED Talk)

Step 6 

Capitalize on the virality to reach out to organizations that might need you to speak on and consult. I recommend make a list of 100 companies you would like to work and with, create portfolio and reach out.

First Note : it looks easy but it is not!

Note : I do have  global speaking career , I have spoken at 2 Tedx events , I do innovation consulting for a number of companies , however the formulae here is from watching and researching others . My speaking career was more of an accident than I would like to admit. Do Try it out let me know!!


  1. Wow, powerful voice couldn’t stop listening till the end. Internal praise is a powerful self motivator. Ethel keep on keeping on.,,,,,, cheers

  2. Excellent. When you show yourself to the world and display your talents, you naturally stir up all kinds of insecurity. It is not your job to sooth their insecurities.

    Love it!!

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