Ethel Cofie Speaking at the 10th Anniversary of MEDays Summit in Morocco

Ethel Cofie Speaking  on   “ Woman Entrepreneurship: Bolstering Growth Through Gender Equity at the MEDays Summit in Morocco  along with other speakers like …

Ingrid Yolanda 


First Lady of the Republic of Suriname 



Princess, Bafokeng



Former Minister of Social Development, Family and Solidarity, Morocco 



World Vice President International Federation for Business and Professional Women




Founder and Head of Operations at Yeabo Mining



Member of the Arab Businesswoman Council


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Despite the multiple gender stereotypes that women are facing, more and more are eager to create
their own business. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2017 report, the rate of
women that have created their own activity has increased by 10% since 2014. But this rate varies
substantially according to countries. Thus, the USA is the most favourable country for women
entrepreneurship, as around 40% of entrepreneurs were women in 2015, against 30% in France
and only 10% in Morocco. The development of women entrepreneurship seems to be at the heart
of growth strategies, since more and more associations and organisms are supporting women in
the creation of their business. According to UN Women, this phenomenon has a positive impact
on the reduction of poverty and it increases women’s empowerment and leadership.
 Why could we consider women entrepreneurship as a source of growth?
 What are the major barriers that women can face during their process of creating their business?
 What measures could be taken to encourage women entrepreneurship?
 Is it easier for a man to benefit from funding to create his business?
 What are the strengths of Southern countries that can help foster women entrepreneurship?
 What are the advantages and disadvantages being an entrepreneur woman?
 Which advice would you give to a woman who would like to become a business owner?