Steps to Deal with the Difficult days as an Entrepreneur


This morning on twitter one of my mentee’s  was clearly having a bad day and  reached out to me on twitter and what ensued made me think this was a brilliant way for me to demonstrate how I have dealt with failures in business and coming back after those for success.

Read about my failures here

Step 1

The Frustration


Step 2

The Questions


then i ask a question

He is not convinced

then i ask him a question to help him see his problem in context…

-It Gave Him Context

The Questions are to Help Him Change His  Emotional State Enough For Him to See Light at the End of the Tunnel

then i help see how this problem could possible help his future 


Step 3

Now Pointing Him in the Direction of the Solution to Problem

Ok next thing who else has dealt with the particular issues u are dealing with now and can u give them a call to ask how they did it?

— ethelcofie (@ethelcofie) August 11, 2017

Notice I did not even need to ask him the specifics of the problem, I just gave him the framework to enable him, help himself.


Remember just like an entry level employee who joins a company should not expect to perform like the C level executive in that same organization it takes time and experience , remember entrepreneurship journey  will teach us lessons , we need to learn them and master them.
There are differences between entry level entrepreneur and a master entrepreneur. Keep going and learning, unlearning and mastering entrepreneurship