Motivation can only get you this far…

Motivation vs Success Systems.

I have always asserted that motivation is great and a wonderful thing but creating success systems is a much better way to systemically achieve success and meet your goals and ambitions.

Motivation relies on excitement and discipline however success systems at the core enables you to create habits that lower your need to invoke self-discipline.




A career professional building up and attracting potential new clients to your side business by creating compelling blog articles and content targeted at them.

Using Motivation only

You start on the 1st of January and promise yourself you will write on a blog post that you will post at the end of each week. On day 1(Monday) you work 2 hours writing a part of the blog during your lunch break, Tuesday you work 20 mins after work and then Wednesday you had a hard day at work, your boss kept screaming at you and because of that you get home and straight to bed.

1 year later you wrote only 10 articles instead of the 52 you had planned and your side business has not achieved the impact you hoped for.


Using Success Systems:

You set aside 15 minutes every day, after work at your dinner table, after you have cleared your dinner plates. This is usually 8.30 pm

Doing this for 30 days and suddenly it become part of your daily routine and then a habit.

Your body knows after dinner every day for 15 mins you are working on a blog post. This mean you are most likely to reach your 52 blog articles at the end of the year by being consistent. The consistency has attracted readers to your blog who have become customers.


Let me know your thoughts?