The Art of Failure


I have had a very interesting relationship with failure and how it has always led to my success afterwards.

Success  and Failure are friends
Success and Failure are friends

Story One: Not being quite the smartest kid in the class

I was in the top percent of my class in secondary school so why did I manage to fail my secondary school certificate exam?

I went from that to a second class upper and then to studying for an Msc in Distributed Systems on scholarship and being the only female in my specialization

Story Two: Falling flat on my face

I returned to Ghana after a number of years in the UK,I decided to pursue my long ambition of becoming an entrepreneur, and Like the doer that I am I jumped to start a consultancy that would focus on providing excellent service support and customer service on behalf of clients to their customers on the one hand and formulating and implementing strategic directions to improve business performance indicators from visibility to finance by using simple and available technologies on the other.After a year without any meaningful revenue I begun to realize my startup had failed. I was passionate and hardworking but I still failed.

 I went from there to creating a successful technology company then won IT consulting firm of the year in Ghana.

Story Three: Egg on my face

More than 150 women signed up for the first ever Pan African women in tech I had initiated with 7 other women from Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda.

It was supposed to happen online via Google hangout on August 2 2014. Yet, bad Internet connection and technical challenges marred the event .and made it difficult for the participants to communicate. The event looked like it was going to become a disaster

I went from there to be been invited by CNN to write on Opinion piece on Women and Technology in Africa and founding Africa’s largest Women in Tech group on the continent.

We recently created Women in Tech Week,In 2016 it happened in 11 countries globally and touched over 10,000 women globally including China.