What happened with EthelCofie.com in 2014

As 2014 ends it I am reviewing the performance of my website www.ethelcofie.com and its sub domains blog.ethelcofie.com and yali.ethelcofie.com

Ethel Cofie

These are the results in the last 12 months

Pages Views

Page views have increased by 1,2794.44% to 11,270 page views

Unique page views increased by 1881.39% to 9,689 with an average time on page increasing by 34.20 %


Top Cities reading the ethelcofie.com website are:

  • Accra
  • London
  • Lagos
  • Nairobi
  • New York
  • Washington
  • Mumbai
  • New Delhi
  • Unknown locations (23%)

Top Countries reading the ethelcofie.com website are:

  • Ghana  
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Brazil
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia 


Mobile vs. Desktop

Desktops are the primary ways readers access the website with mobile devices a strong second

The stats of mobile devices are:

  • 30% unknown devices (nothing strange here as a lot of my users are from emerging markets that are more likely to use ‘cloned’ phones)
  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy S3

I am surprised  the 2nd and 3rd of the mobile devices are Apple products considering again that most of my users are from emerging markets and Apple has less than 10% market share in Africa , I can only assume from this that  the site/blog is read by  middle class/professional group (who are more likely to own an Apple device)

Most Read Pages are



Interestingly the top blog was my comparison of the top mobile money players, I compared on customer journey, price and innovation which I wrote in 2013!!It was the top blog in 2013 too!!

I suspect there is hunger on information of mobile money for practical reasons and research reasons, hence the link the mobile money category (i.e. all the mobile money articles) hence the blog post keeps winning despite the over 1000% increase in readership



Averagely my top blogs in terms on subjects are on:

  • Mobile Technology
  • E-commerce
  • Powerful women in technology
  • Social Media
  • E-commerce
  • Strategy and Technology

Almost all these articles has been me looking at numbers and statistics and review of process or providing creative solutions to business problems


If you are looking to analyze what people are looking at on your website and making actionable business decisions from that data .This video is a good place to start or call Edel technologies to help you with the process

 Happy New Year


Ethel Cofie