What i want for Christmas , Twitter are you listening?

I have been thinking about what i want for Christmas , of course these are all books( ermm ebooks) from Malcom Gladwell and  Seth Godin *hint hint*

I was going to  tweet and post what i wanted in the hopes that i would get them  for Christmas , but then, i thought would it not be so much easier for me to tweet this with  a hashtag or link and with one click/a like/Fav/retweet from my  facebook or twitter post , my friends and relatives can add that item to thier wishlist  or basket and BUY IT!! 


This is what i mean

I tweet #WhatiwantforChristmas a Malcom Gladwell Outliers: The Story of Success


That tweet is published but attached to it , is button that says , buy @missedcofie this gift


Sends you to page with 3 sites here you can get Malcom Gladwell Outliers: The Story of Success

Click to add product to basket( with a tag to say Ethel’s Christmas gift)



Amazon has tried to do semblance of the is #Amazoncart , but i think this scales better are there multiple avenues for revenue for different  brands here .

1)Twitter can makes brands pay for the right to have the button appear when their products are mentioned 

2)Twitter can then receive revenue for clickthrough resulting in a sale 

3)Twitter can get revenue for brands to pay to be Number 1 on the search list


Anyways Twitter or who ever  builds this you are welcome and i will be sending you my bill 

Ethel Cofie