Innovation in Mobile Banking – MfukoniApp for Cheque Deposit

Mobile Innovation is always bound to come from Africa .

A local bank in Kenya (Chase Bank) has developed a Mobile Banking App which enable Cheque Processing without going to the Bank .

Chase Kenya Mobile App
Credit: @bankelele on twitter

User has to enter Cheque Details  and captures the front and back picture of the Cheque and sends via the App .

The Reviews of the App suggests it does exactly what it says and does it well .

I am not sure if the Cheque processing is automated on the Bank’s side or  someone manually works on the Cheque once they have the details and picture, however kudos to the team on a good job done.


Additionally  The App is  standard Banking App with features to  check your balance and account summary, deposit your Chase Bank cheques, stop a cheque from being processed, transfer funds from one account to another, pay your bills, perform Mpesa transactions and Top Up your  Airtime from your account.


Chase Bank Kenya Limited is a locally owned Bank with an Islamic window – Chase Iman. Chase Bank has a vision to be the premier Pan African Relationship Bank offering financial solutions, creating lasting value for clients, shareholders, people and businesses in the communities.

The middle class and the growing SME sector are the bank’s key target markets


Ethel Cofie