#AfricanNationsInHighSchool , Let’s look at the Numbers

Yesterday I noticed the hashtag


Started by Siyanda-Panda who is based in Gaborone, Botswana.


You can  read the details  on Citifm online Article

It seemed to have gotten a bit viral and my Twitter Time line was flooded.

It set me thinking about the the metrics and the numbers around the #AfricanNationsInHighSchool hashtag . I used the  KeyHole  tool for tracking

Siyanda-Panda has quite a reach with over 6000 followers and that probably helped move  the hashtag along quite nicely.

As at Monday 6am there were 1,013 Posts from 444 Users with 861,985 Reach and 1,907,600 Impressions

Lets take a look at the Top Posts

Lets look at the countries that tweeted ( As at Monday 13th Jan 41% of the tweets were from Kenya with the South African Countries ,Ghana and Nigeria in tow)

Interestingly  there are number of  African countries that didn’t tweet #AfricanNationsInHighSchool at all

Then the Timeline of Posts ( Interestingly the question i am asking myself is , what happened at  10pm of Sunday Jan 12 for the #AfricanNationsInHighSchool  hashtag to take off on the steep trajectory it took)


Then that Share of Post(How many were Original vs Re tweets)

The Top Image as of Monday (Mostly Referring to Kenyans)

#AFRICANNATIONSINHIGHSCHOOL : The giraffe ate my homework


And Finally which devices people tweeted from ( Interestingly Blackberry is the 3rd Biggest source after Desktops and Android users tweeted at #AfricanNationsInHighSchool)


In conclusion if you want to create a hash-tag that goes viral in Africa , acquire a couple of thousands of followers and get the South and East Africans on board and you are good to go .


Ethel Cofie