Stunning info-graphics about African’s on Social Media


Like i suspected  that last post was not the last post of 2013  :lol:


Africa has approximately 167m Internet users (15% penetration),

Over 50m users in 2013 up from 37.7m a year ago and since 2010 Africa users on Facebook has grown by a whopping 165%

About 57% of tweets from Africa are sent from a mobile device 

Linkedin has approximately 7.5m users in Africa mostly male and mostly from South Africa,Nigeria and Egypt

Dont take my word for it, lets look at the visually stunning info-graphics…

Africa Internet


How Many Africans are actually on Social Media (This is from a year ago)

Social Media in Africa
Social Media in Africa


And lately How many Africans are actually of Facebook

Africans on facebook
Africans on Facebook

And on Linkedin….

Linkedin users in Africa
Linkedin users in Africa



Linkedin user infographics
Linkedin user infographics




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