My Beef with Cinderella , yep i am talking about the fairytale

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We all know the story Cinderella lives with her wicked step mother and step sisters after her father dies , she is mistreated , one day a fairy god mother helps her to go to the prince’s ball she meets the prince , they fall in love , he finds her again using her glass slipper(so what!! was she the only one with that shoe size in the whole town ?) and they live happily ever after .

Now my Beef with this story
1.Cinderella was a wimp
Cinderella did stand up for herself so day in day out slaving away not complaining , wasting her life away as a maid .. and she wasn’t even getting paid . I would have given her more respect if she had run away from home and went to work for someone as a maid(at least she had the experience).This chic should have taken her life in her own hands ..
Who want a queen that cant take charge of her own life , how is she going to be a worthy partner to the prince when he becomes King ?!!!

2.What if the prince had not fallen in love with her
That was a distinct possibility after all there were many girls in the palace on that day: then she would have still remained a maid .

3.Chic didn’t even know the prince very well
how the hell do u decide to marry someone whom you just met and danced with ,no you don’t marry someone after one date do you ?
He is also quite shallow himself marrying a girl just cause she is pretty .. Dude!! didn’t they teach you anything in prince school?

4. This story gives step mothers a bad wrap , come on there some nice one’s out there .

Only part of this story i like is that she chose to forgive her step mother and sister after all that happened ;)

So i ask what did we mean to teach young girls with this story ? i know i show my version of crazy with this blog post but that’s why you all love me :)

  1. Reasons why Prince married her that fast.
    1. Cinder was a virgin (too busy to date).
    2. She had a well-toned body (from all the slaving).
    3. She was intelligent (excellent home management).
    4. High fashion IQ (She wore a glass slipper and rocked the dance floor in it too!).
    5. She knows how to party (party so hard she lost a shoe).

  2. :) cinderrella is not a perfectly lovely tale, but where would we be without my analysing everything to bits :)

  3. It is called fairy tale, haba. Why don’t you also blow abt your beef with the frog who turned a prince after a kiss, ebeii :-)

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