Ghana : Data protection , Population census and Lunch

I was at a clients on Friday evening whilst the Ghana Census staff came in to gather their data
I noted that the census staff asked a lot more questions than i thought necessary
How many people owned mobile phone’s in the house(i suppose this is for mobile penetration numbers)
What type of roofing agent was used for the house etc

Anyways i digress this brought on a discussion about data protection laws in Ghana and if any existed .I had no conclusive information so i deferred the discussion for another time ….

Fast Forward >> to Monday Morning
Question was still on my mind so I inquired of my facebook friends

Quick question does ghana have data protection laws in Ghana ? , i ask because i wonder how census data is going to be protected

… generating quite an interesting discussion on if data protection laws were important in the African context anyways i decided to actually find information on the subject.

After some digging (well googling actually) ..apparently the government(ministry of communication) is in consultation with stakeholders on Data protection [big smile on my face]

Accra, Aug 24, GNA – Government on Tuesday initiated stakeholder consultation for the passage of Data Protection Bill (DPB) and Electronic Communications Regulations Bill (ECRB) to serve as legal instruments for the safeguarding of personal data and privacy.

The Bill provides for the protection of privacy through the regulation of information processing relating to individuals including the method by which data is obtained, held, used or disclosed.

The stakeholder consultation which was to create a platform for operators to fine-tune the bill and make it relevant to Ghana’s environment, was attended by representatives from the Judiciary, security agencies, telecom operators, media practitioners, representatives from the National Communication Authority and financial institutions

So know we just need this consultation process to be completed quickly and a bill before parliament , that would bring a bigger smile to my face

ok now its time for lunch , catch you later