Volunteer Skills maybe we can help

So once in a while i come across a website i really think needs improvement and i usually talk ,blog or rant about the issues it has .

My intention in all this is not to show that the developers didnt do a good job , I am just saying there is a lot of room for improvement .

There are a number sites on my radar at the moment

Instead of writting a blog post everytime i see websites that are not what they should be , I propose we do something about it .

The Plan:I am seeking web developers,designers and usability consultants who will give thier skills pro bono(free) to consult on and even help in house teams to improve or even rebuild these websites .

My plea to the organisations :If you work for any of these organisations whose website is mentioned above please contact me at ethel@ethelcofie.com to see how we can help improve your website .

Also if you are a web developer,designer or usability consultant and wish to donate your skills to improve these website .please contact me at ethel@ethelcofie.com.

  1. I see your point in my case its for national pride that i volunteer , but it is proven volunteering has many advantages to volunteer
    Build a Network of Professional Contacts
    Keep on Top of Trends and Advances in Your Industry
    or even Find a New Job

    There are lots of sites that talk about why volunteering is good for anyone’s career take a peek

    hope you come on board and great job with the ghana blogging platform

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