Fckeditor for drupal usability nightmare

Ranting about the poor usability of the fckeditor setting page on drupal 6


1.Fields to ‘include/Exclude’ why couldnt they just have 2 text areas 1 for includes and another for exclude – i get the impression that they just couldnt be bothered

2. The include/exclude drop down i was assuming would toggle to show in the ensuing text area   the fields that were include or excluded  unfortunately they just serve  to indicators for saving included or excluded files making it a a usabilty nightmare for anymore who want to rack which files are either included or excluded

I know its open source but guys seriously

  1. I think you’re not understanding it fully.

    Say you have 100 apples and 2 buckets. If you put 10 apples in 1 bucket and 10 apples in another, where do the remaining apples go?

    The logic in the include/exclude is very simple. If it’s not on that list, and you have it set to Exclude, then *everything else is included*. This is the default.

    I would actually recommend doing the opposite of the default — the same approach be used as in modern firewall policies — close everything for starters and then explicitly open/include them 1 by 1 as they are needed.

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